Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages

easter baskets

If you’re shopping for the little ones, this basket with its floppy-eared pink or blue bunny on the basket liner and plush stuffed animal is sure to please. And because it also includes a stunt glider and squishy toy, it’s great for kids of different ages.

Whether your giftee is into basketball, soccer or football, this clever Etsy basket will appeal to them with its repurposed Oreos shaped like their favorite sport. Plus, it’s loaded with other sweet treats such as caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate and a variety of milk-chocolate covered Oreos, including blackout and cookie butter flavors. Go here easter baskets – AmishBaskets.com

Easter baskets have evolved from a confluence of traditions, some that date back thousands of years. For example, Easter egg candy grew out of the idea that eggs are a symbol of fertility and renewal.

Originally, Easter baskets were used to hold candy treats and hard-cooked or chocolate-covered eggs. By the 1700s, many families incorporated an Easter rabbit toy into their celebration.

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The tradition of Easter baskets carries on today with the addition of more gifts for children and adults alike, including plush toys, a wide range of candy treats and even non-candy items such as books, bath products and craft kits. Easter baskets are considered an indicator of status and wealth because of the cost of their contents, which often include items that aren’t typically available at a discount retailer.

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate a basket, check out this DIY by Houseful of Handmade. All you need is a few bolts of fabric in varying colors, a plastic Easter basket and some brown rope to make this cute design.

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