Drop Jellies

drop jellies

Drop jellies are 95% water with added electrolytes and are sugar free and vegan. Invented by Lewis Hornby after his grand mother with dementia was sadly hospitalised due to dehydration, the team designed Jelly Drops to help make it easier for loved ones to enjoy drinking enough water. Their fantastic solid but smooth texture (they do not have a liquid centre) encourages independent hydration, saving carers time and giving people with dementia an irresistible treat.

With an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, and with Alzheimer’s Society supporting the team through our Innovation Accelerator Programme, they have now launched Jelly Drops Trays and Snackpots in the USA. They have also been working hard to supply some NHS coronavirus wards where the demand is especially high.

Exploring the World of Cannabis Jellies: A Gourmet Experience for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Play for free with no in-app purchases (except for the optional daily spin, which you can get from the main menu). No lives, no timers – just lots of frantic puzzle fun!

Swipe, match and pop squishy jelly drops, crunch chocolate obstacles and smash gummy bears across hundreds of fun and challenging levels. With dynamically changing obstacles, creative level layouts and powerful boosters, the game will challenge your brain, enchant your senses, and keep you coming back for more.

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