Brene Brown Quotes on Shame

Brene Brown Quotes on Shame

Researcher and Storyteller, Brene Brown is the world’s top expert on shame, vulnerability and courage. Her research is well known for helping people move beyond shame and into a place of self-love, strength and connection. Her TED talks and best selling books have inspired many.

One of her most popular TED Talks is ‘Brene Brown Quotes on Shame and explores the root causes of a lot of social problems including addiction, depression, violence, eating disorders and bullying. She explains that shame is the secret behind all of these issues and that learning to listen to and honor the pain of our shame is the first step in changing the world.

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The second most popular TED Talk is ‘Daring Greatly’ which focuses on the power of vulnerability. This powerful talk explores the importance of showing up as our true selves and the importance of having courageous conversations in order to create a more loving and connected society. It also outlines 10 practices to embrace the power of vulnerability in our daily lives and start living a wholehearted life.

Both of these talks have become massively popular and have been watched over 30 million times. These Brene Brown quotes will inspire you to let go of your fear of being vulnerable and be yourself. You can use these quotes to help you navigate through tough situations in your personal and professional lives. You can save them as wallpapers on your phone, add them to your journal or make a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

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