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Budget-Friendly Strains: A Guide to Enjoying Cannabis Without Breaking the Bank in Canada

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Canadians want cheap weed, and cannabis companies are responding to consumer demand with price cuts. That pressure has harmed sales for the premium brands like Aurora Cannabis Inc. ACB, +1.75% which specializes in high-grade pot at its Whistler facility and marketed its own brand of weed as “super-premium” but saw 17% of its Canadian market share go to purchases of less than C$9 a gram. That shift has hurt profits and damaged the company’s stock, which closed down 14% on Thursday.

The price declines have been broad and persistent. Across all purchase sizes, weed’s equivalized price — or the amount it costs to get one gram of pot — has fallen by 35% this year, according to data from Headset Analytics. The steepest declines have been for vapor pens and concentrates, with prices dropping more than 30% from January to December.

If you’re looking to save money on your next weed order, consider buying in bulk quantities. Buying by the ounce tends to be cheaper per gram than buying pre-weighed bags of 20 g at a time, and it’s more convenient, too. Cheap Weed Canada offers a number of bulk-buy options and even has trim/shake available in bulk to help you save more.

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