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Sejong Real Estate

In addition to its reputation for being a business hub, Sejong is home to an impressive array of cultural and leisure amenities. It’s also known for its lush greenery, making it the ideal location for anyone looking for a bit of quiet and relaxation in their life. The city is also popular among families, with many of its neighborhoods offering safe and friendly living conditions for children. Find

When it comes to buying luxury property in Sejong, you’ll want to work with a top-notch luxury realtor. Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced professionals in the area, and you can find one who suits your needs by searching for reviews online. Look for an agent who has experience working with high-net-worth clients and who has a good track record of closing deals quickly.

Investing in Sejong: Why the Real Estate Market is Booming

The peak of South Korea’s previous house price boom was in 2006, and then the government applied the brakes by introducing controls on housing loans and hiking capital gains taxes in “speculative areas.” However, even when the country was experiencing its strongest economic growth in decades, prices continued to climb in Seoul and other large cities.

As a result, the government launched a special housing subscription program to encourage officials and other workers to move out of Seoul into suburban areas. The program was heavily criticized, however, because it was not mandatory for high-ranking government officials to live in the new apartments they bought, and construction companies were often left with dozens of unsold units after their initial sales. Only one official was indicted for abuse of the scheme, but others got away with censure and warnings.

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