GoHighLevel CRM Review


GoHighLevel CRM an all-in-one solution for marketing agency clients, allowing them to get leads, follow up on those leads, manage their pending tasks and even close sales. All of this is done through a simple to use dashboard that’s designed to keep your client happy and continue paying you a juicy retainer each month.

You can white label Go High Level so it looks like your own proprietary software and you can hide certain features that you don’t want your clients to access. This makes it easy for your clients to see only the data that matters and gives you peace of mind knowing they’re not wasting time on features that aren’t relevant to them.

Maximizing ROI with GoHighLevel CRM: Tips and Strategies

The Go High Level CRM also comes with a dialer so your clients can make or receive calls through their business number. This lets them instantly speak with new leads and track the entire conversation with them in real-time. The platform can even automatically track their call history so they know what’s working and what isn’t.

In addition to the call management, the platform allows users to create email templates and automation that are automatically sent out to their leads. You can create different email sequences based on where the lead is in the buyers journey and what type of interaction they’re having with your company.

Go High Level also offers a survey builder and a form builder. This lets you capture information about your lead such as their name, phone number and website. It also has a reputation management feature that helps you send review request emails to your clients, asking them to leave a positive online review for their company.

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