Light Green Crystal

Light Green crystals  embody growth, change and a new beginning energy that may assist you to let go of the past to open yourself to fresh opportunities. They are a powerful healing stone for the heart and a natural energy for abundance, prosperity and success in life.

From deep luscious green to soft shimmering hues there is a whole spectrum of beautiful gems that glow with this colour. Each one has its own unique powers – some bring prosperity, wealth and good luck; others stoke that connection to nature or nurture love. Find the crystal that is calling to you.

Refreshing Harmony: Light Green Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Peridot (pronounced pair-ih-doe) is a well-known gemstone that has many light but vibrant shades of olive-green. Also known as chrysolite, it is believed to boost the metabolism, improve sleep and reduce stress levels. It is a popular stone for crystal healers because of its gentle and calming energy. It is an August birthstone and is known to enhance emotional well-being, promote good health and strengthen the heart.

Raw peridot encourages you to trust your inner instinct and intuition for guidance when making important decisions. It is said to help you accept change with grace and ease, bringing joy and enthusiasm into your life. Chrysocolla is the green crystal of communication, it is thought to inspire expression and empower the wearer while soothing self doubt. It is also believed to help resolve conflict amicably. It has a calming effect on the thymus gland and triggers the immune system to improve immunity.

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