Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

Tennis Court Maintenance

Having proper Tennis Court Maintenance is essential for maintaining the integrity of your surface. Regularly inspecting and cleaning the court will help prevent premature wear of your coatings as well as other structural failures. Read more:

Keep weeds, grass and sand off the courts as much as possible. These materials can contaminate the playing surface and cause mold, mildew, or algae. In addition, they also clog drains and can lead to water damage.

Maintaining Tennis Court Nets and Accessories

Inspect, clean and replace debris frequently. This includes raking debris off the court, picking up sticks and branches from around the courts as well as removing any unauthorized items from the court.

Check for puddles and standing water on the court after rain events. Long-term exposure to water softens the coatings and will result in premature wearing of the colorcoat. In addition, if left unchecked, these puddles may allow for moisture to seep into the subbase and contribute to pavement failure.

Inspect, clean and repair any cracks on the court surface as soon as they appear. Water entering through these cracks will quickly cause further cracking and eventually subbase failure. ProCorM recommends the use of a knitted fabric called the ARMOR Crack Repair System for all crack repairs. This crack repair system is unique in that it does not bond to the surface and allows for the expansion of the crack as it grows without the fabric tearing or delaminating from the surface.

Ensure that your drainage system is working correctly by checking for blockages in the drains and gutters on and around the court. Maintaining a sound drainage system will prevent water buildup and surface damage to your court as well as minimize the potential of injuries associated with a slippery or wet court surface.

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