Online Forklift Certification – A Quick and Convenient Way to Meet Your Compliance Obligations

Online forklift certification

Online forklift certification is a quick and convenient way to meet your training and compliance obligations without having to invest time and money into traditional classroom based classes. Every forklift operator in New York and the United States must be properly trained in order to drive a forklift, and this can help prevent dangerous accidents that could lead to expensive OSHA fines for your company.

Typically, a reputable online forklift training program will offer a combination of study material in the form of video or written pages and testing via one primary test or multiple mini quizzes. They also make their courses available 24/7 so that learners can access the curriculum whenever and wherever they are at a time that suits them best. Read more

This type of training is designed to be as easy as possible for learners, which is important for maintaining engagement levels during the course. It should have high-quality audio and video and be designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear, concise explanations of forklift terminology and how the machinery is used in the workplace.

“From Anywhere to Anywhere: The Convenience of Online Forklift Training

A good online forklift certification program will also provide a printable forklift certificate and wallet card instantly upon completion, which is useful for employers who need to have proof of training for each operator. Some will also email an original copy if that is preferred.

For busy managers, utilizing online forklift training eliminates the need to schedule workers for classroom-based sessions or shut down operations while training is taking place. This saves significant costs in the form of third-party trainer fees, equipment rentals, and lost productivity.

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