Factors That Affect Your Crane Hire Cost Per Hour

Crane hire prices per hour can be dependent on a number of factors. These can include the type of crane that you need and if there are any restrictions on the site. The type of material you are lifting and the height you need to lift it to will also influence price. If you are unsure which type of crane to hire you should consult a specialised company that can advise on the best option for your specific needs.Source :https://cranehirecompany.co.uk

There are two different types of crane services – standard CPA crane hire and contract lifts. For a standard hire the crane will be delivered to your onsite location and then picked up once you have finished with it. You will need to provide a qualified Appointed Person and slingers to plan and carry out the lift. It is your responsibility to ensure that the crane is positioned correctly on the ground, that it carries out the lift with recommended procedures and that you comply with health and safety regulations.

Comparing Crane Hire Rates: How Much Does It Cost Per Hour in the UK

For contract lifts the crane hire company will take more of the responsibilities including ensuring the crane is suitable for the lift, planning the lift, rigging and providing a Banksman. The cost will be higher upfront but it can save a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long run.

Another factor that can affect your crane hire cost is how quickly you need to set up and use the crane. If you need it quick, a mobile crane may be the best option as it can be up and running within 30 minutes of arriving on site. The size of the load that you need to transport will also influence price – larger cranes have a greater capacity and can therefore transfer materials more efficiently.

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