Before You Buy Electric Cars

buy electric cars

Buy electric cars are more affordable than many comparable gasoline vehicles, and they’re often more fun to drive. Plus, they emit no tailpipe emissions, which helps improve air quality and reduce climate change. In addition, EV drivers can benefit from tax breaks and preferential access to HOV lanes.

But before you buy an electric car, it’s important to understand the costs and challenges involved. Use these guides to help prioritize the factors that matter most for your unique circumstances.

Buy Electric Cars: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle

A good place to start is our interactive EV shopping assistant, which can help you find the right vehicle based on your driving needs and calculate the estimated total cost of ownership for each option. This information will help you decide whether a purchase or lease is right for you.

If you’re planning to buy an EV, consider whether you can afford the upfront price or if it would be easier to make payments over time with a lease. Also, since battery and charging technology is still evolving rapidly, leasing may allow you to upgrade to newer models more frequently without worrying about a big hit to your resale value when you’re ready to sell or trade.

Another consideration is if you have the proper home charging setup for an EV and if you’ll be able to take advantage of public charging networks (often called “EV chargers”). Some EVs come with both options, so you can try them out to see which best fits your lifestyle.

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