Intelligent Merchandising Solutions for Online Retailing

When it comes to creating a dreamy personal shopping experience for each and every one of your shoppers, manual online merchandising is just not cut out for the task. Smart merchandising solutions free up teams from time-consuming administrative work to concentrate on delivering improvement and innovation across the site, driving sales results and optimizing the shopping experience.

Intelligent Merchandising delivers improved inventory management by analyzing data and customer behavior to identify patterns and predict trends. This allows businesses to optimize their stock levels and prioritize reorders based on the most likely selling rate of products. By minimizing excess inventory, retailers reduce warehousing and storage costs and the need to discount products.

How Intelligent Merchandising is Transforming the Shopping Experience

Shoppers can be presented with recommended products that align with their preferences and buying habits, resulting in upselling or cross-selling opportunities. This drives higher average order values (AOV) and basket size.

Merchandising tools can dynamically adjust product placements and displays based on real-time inventory levels, product popularity and other data points to achieve commercial goals and improve the discovery experience for shoppers.

AI-powered visual search tools offer an alternative way for customers to find products – from clothes and shoes, to home décor and accessories – without the need for text entry or lengthy searches. By analyzing images and recognizing features, AI-powered visual search tools can help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for.

A shopper’s preferred size, style and color can be identified and products recommended to match – this increases conversion rates and repeat purchases. AI-powered recommendations also take into account shopper browsing and purchase history to show them relevant product suggestions based on their unique profile.

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