Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyers

Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers can help you if you’ve been charged with domestic assault, domestic battery or another related crime. Whether you’ve been accused of hitting someone or you’re being held under a restraining order, it’s important to get a good los angeles domestic violence lawyer in your corner as soon as possible to help you build and present your defense.Learn more

A restraining order can force you to move out of your home and stay 100 yards away from the alleged victim even without being convicted of a crime. This can have a profound impact on your life. For example, if you’re the primary custodial parent of children, it can cause you to lose custody rights; and if you’re an immigrant, a conviction for domestic violence could result in deportation.

Top Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyers: Who to Hire

Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse used to gain or maintain power and control over intimate partners. It can take many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological abuse. The abuse may be coercive, which means that the abusive person threatens to inflict harm or uses threats to manipulate and control the victim.

The best Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers are experienced, seasoned and highly skilled in criminal law. They have the talent and experience to provide you with a strong defense and are committed to seeing justice done in domestic violence cases. They can often get charges dismissed or reduced before trial or in a plea bargain. They also have close relationships with law enforcement and the DA’s office, which helps them better understand these cases from all sides.

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