Hello friends gardeners.

My name is Heather Kaleigh, originally from Bristol, now living in Warwick.

While I was still working as an organic market gardener, on a small surface, in 2012, I created this website of natural gardening in order to humbly share my experience with you, gardeners, beginners or more experienced…

You are motivated by a gardening practice respectful of our environment and by a healthy food?

I welcome you on the Solarize Allegheny blog!

In spite of the little time I had at the time to keep this blog alive, it quickly took on a significant size, far exceeding what I could have imagined. Indeed, every day, thousands of you visit the Organic Gardener’s Blog!

You have gradually made me aware of a real need for reliable advice and especially based on concrete experience.

So, in the fall of 2015, when I had to stop my market gardening activities, forced by a failing shoulder, I naturally decided to convert myself into a “natural gardening consultant” by professionally developing this site.

Apart from the few hours per week I spend in the vegetable garden – which is now family-oriented, but also more “permacultural” and experimental than what I could do as a professional – I devote my days to it (and, between the production of content, the answers to the many questions, and the technical maintenance of the site… I don’t work 35 hours a week, believe me).